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Friday, December 08, 2006

i'm gonna miss chantze!

Chantze is leaving me for about 9 days. I am going to miss him so much. He is going to Florida and going to have so much fun without me. I am so proud of him. He brought his grades up to a B+ and he earned & saved his own money for the trip. You know what else? He shared his birthday money with Paul & Hailie so they would have money to spend at Target too. He is such a good, generous, and nice boy. Thank you, Jesus!

I love Chantze so much. I won't cry like I use to when he would go on trips with my parents but I will get panicy. Pray for him and if you read this today, call him tonight and wish him lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

birthday party

Top L-R: the only picture we had of Brian and Pam together was from a distance and from behind, Fritz and Mom, Elia and Kristin and Bethany, Mom and Dad, Eddie, Laura, Ray's sketch of Chris Baldus, us of course, and Brian and Pam again (cuz we needed nine pictures)

Thank you everyone for my birthday party and presents. The food was great! I loved all my presents! The game was fun but you were suppose to let the birthday girl win (don't forget Violet, you promised I would win at Balderdash next time we play). AND Ray promised a full body rub down. I should be getting that soon. BTW, Ray made sure I felt very special this year. :)

I love you all!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I am so proud of Hailie. She really is sweet and is very mature. Kindness and compassion is in her genetic make-up. I have heard so many stories about how she will not follow her friends when her friends want to be unkind. She definately takes after her daddy.

Pray for Chantze. He is having a very hard time in science. He really needs your prayers because I would like him to be able to go to Florida in December.

Elia needs prayer. She was diagnosed with UTI (urinary track infection). For those who do not know, she has one kidney that functions properly. The other kidney is bad but does function a little. So this is very serious. She was not hospitalized because she didn't spike a fever but she really needs your prayers.

Grace and Emily are so sweet. I miss them.

My mom and dad helps us so much that I just wanted to post them and tell everyone that I love them very much.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

old pics-recent stories

One night, Paige came out of her bedroom whimpering. She told her daddy, "Brooke keeps making me get out of bed and I fall asleep on the bus. I don't want to turn the movie on."
Ray didn't know what to say so out of his wisdom, he pulled out this...

On another night, Brooke was playing so nice. She had her toys placed just right on the road mat that her aunt Wendy gave her. Everything was nice and she was happy but then here comes Chantze. He started to walk passed but stopped and put his butt right in the middle of her little town. Brooke clenched her teeth and balled up both fists then jumped at him with no warning at all. I told Chantze he deserved every bit of her wrath.

Just an FYI on Hailie. If you mistaken her for wearing white nylons DON'T EVER blurt it out. Just trust me on that.

Dan and Katie came over for the twins' b-day party. I love these two. They both are fun and don't seem to worry about anything. They have God in their lives and are not ashamed to express that. They are suppose to be at Elia's b-day party tonight. I hope they make it. I definately want to try to make more of an effort of hanging with them more often. The nice thing is that they have kids my kids age.

One more story about the girls. The other night I had decided to play dolls with the twins. The way they play is like this...
Brooke tells you how to play and Paige agrees with her.

So Brooke was telling me how to play and Paige was saying "yeah mom, do that". Well, I must have not been doing it right because they both told me I couldn't play anymore but I could watch. What's the deal with that? I asked them why and Brooke told me I wasn't playing right and Paige agreed with her by saying "yeah, mom. you wasn't playing right".

Saturday, August 19, 2006

what a good man

ray is so good to us. he is a wonderful father. he loves them so much. he wants to give them so much more than what we can give them. i love this picture because you can see how happy he is when he is with his children and how happy they are when they are with him. there are kids that get a lot--toys, clothes, ipods, computers, etc.--our kids get hugs, kisses, and our prayers everyday. our kids are happy. they have a daddy that pays attention to them. just look at this picture--they're happy.

as a husband, he is just so great. he treats me so good. he listens to me even when he doesn't feel like talking. he is patient with me. he puts up with me when i throw my baby fits. i can tell he loves me. i also get hugs and kisses everyday. he told me he wants to give me much more but i am so happy, what more could he give me? i know he is feeling discouraged about his books being rejected. i know it will happen soon. i pray almost everday for him. God is so good and i just know He will answer this prayer. ray is so talented. i try so hard to encourage him when he gets the rejection letters. i tell him it's in God's timing and He is sending the perfect agent for you. sometimes, though, i get discourage and that is when it is the hardest to encourage. i do believe God will give us this request--i can feel it in my heart when i pray.

ray, you are a wonderful husband and father. don't let anyone or anything get you down. we love you so much. and one more thing that is so great about you is that you always keep your word to the children and to me. wasn't there a promise about a back rub?

more booboo questions

one day afterwork, brooke asked me "papa told me i didn't have booboos. do i have booboos, mama?"

i said "well...not yet but you will grow them later. but because you are a girl, you still have to cover up."

her response "ok"


we watched a movie called Nanny McPhee. it was a very cool movie about this father who couldn't manage his kids so he would hire a nanny. btw, the mom passed away. anyway, the kids would drive all the nannies away until this one nanny came along. she looked like a witch and had magical powers. she was tough on the kids but in the end the kids weren't brats anymore.

the night we watched this movie i told the kids to brush their teeth. paige told me to wait. i gave her a few minutes then said "paige, go brush your teeth".

"no, mama, i want to finish this."
"go brush your teeth or i will call nanny mcphee"
"no, no wait. you don't know her number."
"oh, yes i do. 755-2594"
paige ran into the bathroom to brush her teeth. i went outside to talk to ray. the door opened and it was paige. she was crying and said "mama, did you answer the phone?"
i asked "answer the phone?"
"did you call her? did you call nanny mcphee?"
i gave her a big hug and told her nanny mcphee isn't real. i was joking.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


dang it! when i saved this hailie wasn't covered up. sorry, sweetie. at least it shows your pretty face.


wasting time

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

9 years Anniversary

Ray and I started dating almost 11 yrs ago. We’ll be married for 9 yrs tomorrow. 11 yrs is a long time but it feels like only a few days. I was a single mom when we met. I had made many ugly decisions and have very dark secrets. He took Chantze in as his own and he doesn’t care about my past. He is a wonderful father to all 3 of his daughters and his son. He is a wonderful husband. He tells me I am beautiful all the time. He takes care of me. Scrapes my car window in the winter and drives because he knows how much I hate driving. He doesn’t care that I am a terrible housewife. He is fun, talented and very smart. He makes me very happy. I love him so much. Ray gives me something that no one else can—a love that can only be satisfied by him. Happy Anniversary, baby!