Trophy Wife

Saturday, February 18, 2006

my kids

what can I say...I love my kids. Hailie is so sweet and awesome. Chantze is so cool and crazy. Brooke is so loving and also so sweet. Paige is so crazy and awesome too. They too are so wonderful!!!

this is my last post for a little while. :)

my husband

My husband...he is so great. I love him very much. His family is awesome. Our children are so wonderful. God has dropped some huge blessings in my life.

Ray is so talented, smart, and sexy. He always says nice things about me. He makes me feel smart, pretty, and overall good. He is so awesome!

my 2nd post I did all by myself

I had a really hard time choosing a picture for my post. I wanted it to be very special being that I did this all by myself. Although, I am not sure why I have 3 pictures of someone's legs.

You're probably wondering why I am posting after I said I probably won't? I have an excellent reason--I don't feel like cleaning my kitchen. So, here I sit typing words next to 3 pairs of colorful legs while Ray did the dishes and is now playing spiderman.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

First and maybe only post.

Don't expect a whole lot, I probably won't be posting.