Trophy Wife

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

dang it!

I've been tagged! 6 random things about me. Where do I start?

1. I become an insane, mad woman when I lose things. This is probably why Ray is still smoking.

2. I love to scare my kids to tears--literally. Wendy and I almost had Hailie, Chantze, and Brooke crying just this past weekend. Brooke was an accident. I believe the more you scare your kids, the stronger they become.

3. I hate working. It cuts into my play time.

4. I get bored really easy. There has been times where I started pacing around the house yelling "we have to go somewhere! We have to get out of here!"

5. My favorite sport is volleyball.

6. I own the most wonderful husband ever. Yes, he is my property and is not for sale.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

go away Easter bunny

top right: Harold, top left: Alfred
bottom right: Paige & Brooke, bottom left: papa

The Easter bunny visited our house on Easter weekend. In fact, 3 Easter bunnies visited! The first Easter bunny was found next to our garage door. The kids named him Harold the Easter bunny. This one is in bunny heaven.

The 2nd one was found in Pepper’s mouth covered with dog drool. This bunny’s name is Alfred. Oh, how cute it is, but it is so much work. I didn’t know they made bottles and nipples that small. I have to freeze the milk so it won’t go bad. I have to warm the milk to feed the bunny. The bunny likes to be wrapped in a towel before I feed it and then it goes to sleep. As soon as it starts eating solids, it’s going outside.

Brooke found the 3rd Easter bunny. She picked it up and cradled it in her arms. Then, she took it to papa. Papa took it from her. He noticed the potbelly and the rancid smell. He said, “It’s dead” then through it in the woods. Brooke asked, “Why did you throw it?”
Papa said, “Because it stinks.”

Do you think the Easter bunny will visit next year? I hope not.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

big girl with very big questions

This is Brooke! She's getting so big that she is even growing out of her pictures.

It was just Brooke and me in the house this morning. She had her toys on the kitchen table playing and I was cleaning around her. She stopped playing, looked at me and asked, "It's ok for a boy to touch your booboos (boobs) and your butt only if your married, right mama?"
I said, "that's right, only husbands. "
Brooke then asked, "does daddy touch your booboos and butt?"
I didn't know what to say. Do I stretch the truth or change the subject? I didn't have much time because she kept staring at me waiting for an answer. So I said, "yes, but only if he asks really nice". She said, "ok" and then started to play with her toys again.

So? Did I do the right thing or will I be paying for therapy later? Be honest. As honest as I was with Brooke.