Trophy Wife

Thursday, May 18, 2006

here's a quicky

Here's a quick post for you. It's late so don't check grammer or spelling errors.

Ray and I went shopping at walmart today. We bought some wine coolers and Ray had to show his I.D. He asked the cashier (who was training) if she needed my ID also. The girl turns to her trainer and asked, "do we have to do that?"
The trainer, who was an older woman, looked at me, waves her hand and said, "no, she's over 21".
I said "thaaanks"
She laughed and said, "I have a gift of guessing the right age. You're at least...over 27."
She asked Ray, "are you 25?"
Ray chuckled and said "yup"
The woman laughed and kept appologizing for her special gift.
Was I offended? ooohh, yeah!
I sat in the van pouting the whole way home.

Laura, now I know how you felt when Leslie thought I was your daughter.