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Saturday, October 14, 2006

old pics-recent stories

One night, Paige came out of her bedroom whimpering. She told her daddy, "Brooke keeps making me get out of bed and I fall asleep on the bus. I don't want to turn the movie on."
Ray didn't know what to say so out of his wisdom, he pulled out this...

On another night, Brooke was playing so nice. She had her toys placed just right on the road mat that her aunt Wendy gave her. Everything was nice and she was happy but then here comes Chantze. He started to walk passed but stopped and put his butt right in the middle of her little town. Brooke clenched her teeth and balled up both fists then jumped at him with no warning at all. I told Chantze he deserved every bit of her wrath.

Just an FYI on Hailie. If you mistaken her for wearing white nylons DON'T EVER blurt it out. Just trust me on that.

Dan and Katie came over for the twins' b-day party. I love these two. They both are fun and don't seem to worry about anything. They have God in their lives and are not ashamed to express that. They are suppose to be at Elia's b-day party tonight. I hope they make it. I definately want to try to make more of an effort of hanging with them more often. The nice thing is that they have kids my kids age.

One more story about the girls. The other night I had decided to play dolls with the twins. The way they play is like this...
Brooke tells you how to play and Paige agrees with her.

So Brooke was telling me how to play and Paige was saying "yeah mom, do that". Well, I must have not been doing it right because they both told me I couldn't play anymore but I could watch. What's the deal with that? I asked them why and Brooke told me I wasn't playing right and Paige agreed with her by saying "yeah, mom. you wasn't playing right".


  • At 2:11 PM, Blogger Chill Daddy said…

    It's a lot of fun to play with the girls, but when you play their games, you have to play by their rules, and they spend more time making rules than they do actually playing - its nerve-racking.

  • At 8:54 PM, Blogger shortensweet said…

    just think how much less fun it would be if you only had one

  • At 6:07 PM, Blogger VeeFlower said…

    Hmmm...maybe it was because there were three of you...three don't play as well together as two and they are probably so used to each other's ways it seems jangling to have a third. Use the words "butt" and "smell" and "stupid" and "get out of here!" and see if they accept your playing.


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